Detailed Instructions for Working with
"Phoenix" Metaphorical Cards
  • Step 1: Preparing to work with Cards
    - Find a calm and comfortable place where you will not be distracted.
    - Give yourself a few minutes to relax and focus on your inner state.
    - Before you begin, ask yourself a question or identify a topic on which you want clarification.
  • Step 2: Selecting Cards
    - Mix the deck thoroughly.
    - Focus on your question or topic, and while continuing to think about it, draw one or more cards from the deck and place the cards in front of you. The number of cards depends on your need or the chosen working method.
  • Step 3: Reflect on the Cards
    - Carefully examine the selected cards, paying attention to the images, symbols and sensations they evoke.
    - Think about how these images and symbols relate to your question or situation.
    - Ask yourself questions: “What does this image tell me? How does it relate to my situation? What new ideas or solutions does it offer?”
  • Step 4: Conclusions and Applications
    - Reflect on the ideas and insights gained during reflection and write down your thoughts and feelings so that you can return to them later.
    - Think about how you can apply these conclusions in your life or work on yourself.
    - If you have difficulty interpreting an image, point your smartphone camera at the QR code indicated on the instruction card. After which you will be taken to a website where all our cards are presented. Select the card you need. You will then be able to read the description of the card and, if necessary, hear an audio interpretation of the meaning of the selected image.
Different Methods for Working with "Phoenix" Meta-Cards
  • ✅ Single Card Draw
    Purpose: Quick insights or daily guidance.
    Steps: Shuffle the deck and draw one card. Reflect on its meaning in relation to your current state or question.
  • ✅ Three-Card Spread
    Purpose: Understanding past, present, and future influences.
    - Draw three cards.
    - Card 1: Represents the past influence.
    - Card 2: Represents the present situation.
    - Card 3: Represents the future outcome or guidance.
  • ✅ Situation-Action-Outcome Spread
    Purpose: Exploring the dynamics of a specific situation.
    - Draw three cards.
    - Card 1: Describes the current situation.
    - Card 2: Suggests the action to take.
    - Card 3: Predicts the potential outcome of that action.
  • ✅ Relationship Spread
    Purpose: Analyzing the dynamics of a relationship.
    - Draw four cards.
    - Card 1: Represents you.
    - Card 2: Represents the other person.
    - Card 3: Represents the dynamic between you.
    - Card 4: Provides advice for the relationship.
  • ✅ Problem-Solving Spread
    Purpose: Finding solutions to a specific problem.
    - Draw five cards.
    - Card 1: Defines the problem.
    - Card 2: Highlights underlying issues.
    - Card 3: Suggests possible actions.
    - Card 4: Shows the potential obstacles.
    - Card 5: Offers the best possible solution or outcome.
  • ✅ Chakra Spread
    Purpose: Balancing energy centers.
    - Draw seven cards, each representing one of the major chakras.
    - Reflect on the state of each chakra and how it relates to the card drawn.

These methods offer various ways to engage with "Phoenix" Meta-Cards, each providing unique insights and opportunities for self-discovery and personal growth.