Welcome to the unique world of self-discovery and inner transformation with the "Phoenix" Metaphorical Associative Cards. Created with a deep understanding of human psychology, these cards serve as a key to uncovering the hidden corners of your subconscious. Innovative technologies allow you to bring printed cards to life on your mobile phone screen and listen to the audio interpretation of the images.

What are "Phoenix" Meta-Cards?

"Phoenix" Meta-Cards are an innovative diagnostic method in psychology, serving as a tool for self-discovery without any connection to esotericism or magic. The deck of metaphorical cards was created by Marina Abramova, a Master of Psychology and practicing psychologist, whose authorial training sessions have been attended by over 3,000 people. The methodology is based entirely on a scientific projective method.

The deck contains 78 vivid and aesthetically pleasing cards, each representing a metaphor reflecting various aspects of life, relationships, emotions, and dreams.

The instructions for the cards are equipped with a QR code, when scanned, you will be taken to the site with our Meta cards. By selecting the image you are interested in, you see how the map comes to life, moreover, you can listen to the hint - the interpretation of the meaning of the image. You can use Phoenix Meta Cards in all areas of your life independently or together with a specialist.

Metaphorical Maps will help you:
"Phoenix" Metaphorical Cards
Take advantage of a unique opportunity to transform your life with the exclusive "Phoenix" Meta-Cards deck. These are not just cards; they are your personal key to deep self-understanding. The technologies used allow you to delve deeper into each card using your smartphone camera and, if needed, hear its meanings. Pre-order now and be among the first to access this powerful tool for self-discovery and development.
In what areas are Metaphorical Maps useful?
  • Relationship
    Cards can help improve understanding and communication between family members, partners, or colleagues.
  • Business and self-realization
    They assist in self-determination, behavioral strategies, decision-making, project management, and the development of innovative ideas.
  • Self-development
    Metaphorical cards can help people better understand themselves, their values, motives, and needs, as well as help realize solutions to problems and gain resources.
  • Creativity and education
    Using metaphorical cards can foster an unconventional approach to solving complex issues.

How to use "Phoenix" Meta-Cards?

Use "Phoenix" Meta-Cards for meditation, reflection, or as part of a therapeutic process. Reflect on the cards, choosing those that resonate with your thoughts and feelings. Watch as the cards come to life on your smartphone, allowing them to help you find answers and make decisions.

On our website you will find detailed instructions for working with cards, where we have described in detail various techniques that will help you when using the deck. You can master them on your own or use them with a specialist.

Each card has its own meaning. Just point your smartphone camera at the QR code located on the instructions for the cards. Select the image of interest and you will see how the map comes to life on the smartphone screen and, if necessary, you can listen to the interpretation of the map or read the interpretation of the selected image.

Examples of your

requests for working with Meta-Cards:

  • What will help me improve my relationship with my partner?
  • What personal qualities should I develop to reach the desired level of income?
  • What steps should I take to achieve my goal?
  • What should I pay attention to to improve my mood and be a resource?
  • What will help me improve my relationship with my child?
"Phoenix" Metaphorical Cards
"Phoenix" Meta-Cards are perfect not only for psychologists and coaches but also for anyone on the path of self-discovery and development. These cards will become your indispensable tool in the quest for a deep understanding of yourself and the world around you. Be the first to receive the inaugural deck of "Phoenix" Meta-Cards. Pre-order today and gain exclusive access to the secrets of deep intuition and self-awareness.
Instructions for Using "Phoenix" Metaphorical Cards
  • Step 1: Preparing to work with Cards
    - Find a quiet and comfortable place where you will not be disturbed.
    - Take a few minutes to relax and focus on your inner state.
    - Before starting, ask yourself a question or determine the topic on which you seek clarification.
  • Step 2: Selecting Cards
    - Thoroughly shuffle the deck.
    - Focus on your question or topic, and while keeping them in mind, draw one or more cards from the deck and lay them out in front of you. The number of cards depends on your needs or the chosen method of working.
  • Step 3: Reflect on the Cards
    - Carefully examine the selected cards, paying attention to the images, symbols, and feelings they evoke.
    - Consider how these images and symbols relate to your question or situation.
    - Ask yourself questions: "What does this image tell me? How does it relate to my situation? What new ideas or solutions does it suggest?"
  • Step 4: Conclusions and Applications
    - Reflect on the insights and revelations you received during your contemplation, and write down your thoughts and feelings to revisit them later.
    - Think about how you can apply these conclusions to your life or personal growth.
    - If you have difficulty interpreting an image, point your smartphone camera at the QR code indicated on the instruction card. After which you will be taken to a website where all our cards are presented. Select the image you need. After this, you will be able to read its description and, if necessary, hear an audio interpretation of the meaning of the selected card.

Additional Tips

▪️ Regular use of the cards enhances intuition and the ability to see hidden connections.

▪️ Use the cards as support during meditation, self-reflection, or for therapeutic purposes.

▪️ Note that there are no "right" or "wrong" ways to interpret the cards. Your personal perception and intuition are the key elements when working with metaphorical cards.

Description and Meaning of "Phoenix" Meta-Cards
◾ Instructions for Meta-cards are equipped with an individual QR code

◾ Point your phone camera at the QR code on the card with the instructions, the meaning of which you want to know, after which you will have access to a link to the site, where you will select the image you need and see how the card comes to life on the screen of your smartphone.

◾ You will be able to hear an audio interpretation of the card. If you are in a noisy place and it is inconvenient to listen to the audio interpretation, use the detailed text version of the card's interpretation, which will be located below the video.

You are not here by accident...

If you have found your way to our website, it is not by accident. We are dedicated to your transformation; your successes and discoveries are our ultimate goal. We offer you the tool "Phoenix" Meta-Cards, where each card is a metaphor designed to open new perspectives and support you on your journey of self-discovery. Our cards combine the depth of psychological knowledge with artistic expressiveness, becoming a bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind.

Our mission is to make the process of self-discovery engaging, accessible, and comprehensible for everyone on the path of personal development.

Opinion of Psychologist Marina Abramova

Master of Psychology and Pedagogy, Creator of "Phoenix" Meta-Cards

As a practicing psychologist with over 5 years of successful therapeutic individual and group work with more than 3,000 clients, I can confidently state that these cards are the best tool in my practice for diagnosing and unlocking human potential. The cards allow almost instant access to the client's unconscious, uncovering subjective reasons for behavior, identifying fears and hidden desires, and activating internal resources.

Using "Phoenix" Meta-Cards in therapy is suitable for a variety of purposes: from solving specific psychological issues to deep self-discovery and personal growth. This is a universal and powerful tool that can bring significant benefits both in professional psychological practice and in personal self-development. My clients often note that sessions with the cards become turning points on their journey to self-understanding and harmony.

Contraindications for Working with "Phoenix" Meta-Cards

Working with "Phoenix" Meta-Cards can be a beneficial and positive practice for most people, but there are several situations where caution or refraining from independent use is advisable:

1. Mental Disorders: If you have serious mental disorders or are undergoing treatment under medical supervision, it is better to consult with a doctor or psychotherapist before using metaphorical cards.

2. Emotional Instability: If you are in an emotionally unstable state or experiencing intense emotions, working with the cards may amplify emotional reactions. In such cases, it is better to wait until you feel more balanced or use the cards under the supervision of a psychologist.

3. Traumas and Triggers: If you have traumatic experiences or triggers associated with certain symbols or images, the cards may provoke negative emotional reactions. It is important to be prepared for such reactions and to have psychological support if necessary.

Overall, working with "Phoenix" Meta-Cards can be safe and beneficial, but it is important to care for your emotional and mental well-being, and use them wisely and attentively to your own needs. If you have any serious concerns, it is always best to consult with a professional psychologist or therapist.

About Us

We, a team of experts in psychology and art, have created the "Phoenix" metaphorical associative cards to offer you a unique tool for self-discovery and personal growth. Inspired by the symbolism of rebirth, our cards are designed to help you explore your inner world and achieve harmony.

  • Marina Abramova
    Master of Psychology and Pedagogy

    Master of Psychology, expert in psychological training, and practicing qualified psychologist, Marina Abramova has made an invaluable contribution to the field of personal development. She has successfully conducted her revolutionary "Phoenix" training sessions for more than 3,000 participants and volunteered as a psychologist during the pandemic. Embodying her boundless passion and unmatched professionalism, Marina created the unique "Phoenix" cards. This project, an essential tool for deep self-awareness and personal transformation, has become a true breakthrough. "Phoenix" cards open new horizons in the process of self-reflection, making it not only accessible but also highly effective for anyone striving for self-improvement and personal transformation.

  • Tatyana Malygina
    Artist, Graphic Designer

    The key artist-designer of the "Phoenix" Metaphorical Cards deck brings extensive experience in graphic design and illustration. Together with Marina Abramova, they focused on creating vivid and memorable images for each meta-card. Each card is a world unto itself, a mirror that allows you to see what is hidden deep within us. The development of the deck took over six months of meticulous work, not only to make the cards visually stunning, bright, and captivating, but also to create a truly powerful and revolutionary psychotherapeutic tool.

"Phoenix" Metaphorical Cards
Choose your deck of "Phoenix" Meta-Cards and embark on a journey of self-discovery. Pre-order now, and we will deliver them to you shortly after the release. Immerse yourself in the world of self-exploration and transformation!